Friday, November 28, 2008 - Convert any supported video to an IPOD playable mp4

libfaac (for audio)

Usage: ./ -i <input>
Output file will be written to the same directory as the original,
unless specified with the --output option.
Command Flags:
--input|-i <input> - Specify input file.
--output|-o <output> - Specify output file.
--force - Force a possibly unsafe operation.
--help|-h - Print's this help.
--version|-v - Print this script's version information.

Then just copy to your ipod with something like gtkpod




Howto: BOPM via SSL

This short HOWTO will explain how to setup Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor to connect to an IRC Server via SSL. I expect that you have basic knowledge of Linux/Unix, and already know how to configure/compile, and setup the BOPM as normal.

tools you will need:

• stunnel
• Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor
• An SSL-Capable ircd such as ircd-ratbox

I will assume you already have your SSL-Capable IRCD up and running correctly. I will also assume you have your BOPM up and running correctly. All we are going to do is SSLify it.

Stunnel Setup

• Create a certificate for yourself. You can do this with the following command:
openssl req -new -newkey rsa:1024 -days 365 \
-nodes -x509 -keyout `uname -n`.pem \
-out `uname -n`.pem

• Move or copy the created file, which will be named YOUR_MACHINE_NAME.pem to ~/.YOUR_MACHINE_NAME.pem.
(obviously, YOUR_MACHINE_NAME will be the actual name of your server, such as "leetbox" or something).

• Copy the following text into ~/.stunnel.conf and edit the ip addresses and ports to suit your needs.

; adjust the port number if necessary
accept =

; local is the "vhost" stunnel will use to connect to your irc server.
; If you don't use a vhost, leave it commented out.
;local =

; connect is the irc server's ip address and port that we are connecting to
connect =
client = yes

• Save and close ~/.stunnel.conf. then run:
stunnel ~/.stunnel.conf

• You can test that stunnel is working correctly by connecting to it with telnet.
telnet 8500

• If you see the server connect notices, you are in business, otherwise you made a mistake somewhere.

BOPM Setup

• Edit bopm.conf and adjust it's settings as follows:
server =
port = 8500

• Save and restart your bopm.
• Your BOPM should now be connected to IRC via SSL.